Make Money With eBay

Most people know about buying or sourcing products from wholesalers for low prices and also selling them for a profit. You can even sell your old junk stored in your basement it’s amazing what people will buy. Did you know there is an even easier way to make money with eBay(R) well that’s the purpose of this article to tell you exactly what it is?

eBay(R) has its affiliate program called the eBay partner network, and also you can make money from almost any of the countries in the eBay partner network regardless of where you live. eBay has one of the highest paying affiliate programs online; you can earn up to 8.75 percent commission on many of the items auctioned off on eBay.

Amazingly very few people know that the eBay Partner Network even exists on Alexa is listed in the top twenty most visited sites yet their affiliate program often struggles to reach 150 000

You can also earn up to $50 us just for referring new buyers to Different countries in the Partner Network pay different rates for new referrals and eBay from time to time has special promotions where you get bonus commissions. Being an affiliate for eBay is incredibly easier to earn money quickly as eBay is a highly trusted site.

There are many systems online that help you to create eBay affiliate sites but these are not all created equal probably the best one to date is My Kind of Magic’s Ebay Affiliate Website Builder as it uses Geo targeting to ensure its members earn as much money from their traffic as possible.

How Geo Targeting works is a visitor might visit your site from Italy, and they will be shown listings from their home country. Likewise, a person from Australia or America will be shown items local to their location this one feature increases conversions immensely. The other great features of Ebay Affiliate website builder is how simple it is to add related content. EAWB has several modules for adding video, articles and even news feeds from several sources on complete autopilot. It is a simple process to add your original content as well this ensures your site once indexed in Google’s search results stays there.

The creator added these modules after seeing several bans type sites getting DE indexed from Google’s main search listings. You can also easily aid income from several affiliate programs, and there are hundreds of thousands of themes to choose from so no two sites ever look the same.

eBay as already mentioned is one of the easy affiliate programs to make money with, and by joining eBay Affiliate Website Builder, you will learn not only how to create content rich, attractive sites but get all the tools and training to ensure you get traffic. EAWB members also get used of a huge blog network and hundreds of authority sites to create backlinks; these resources make it very difficult for a none member to outrank in the search results an EAWB site.

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